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Shishkebab by Ana Sultana 706 306 8875

If taking an adventure through the Turkish Countryside to find a small, two good friend owned restaurant that serves wonderful, authentic food sounds like a great way to spend the summer, have no fear. You can experience all the culinary wonder of this ancient and foreign land right here at the Shishkebab Restaurant in Evans.  The glorious cuisine that is Turkish food is an intriguing concoction of humble vegetables paired with interesting sauces and succulent meats.   Only here could the obsequious eggplant be grilled and transformed into the amazing Babaganoush.   While considering the menu, you realize the dishes are as interesting to pronounce, as they are to enjoy.  Traditional favorites like Hummus and Lahana Dolma (cabbage leaves stuffed with rice, fresh dill and traditional seasonings) roll off the tongue and leave a smile on your lips.        Even the salads seem mysterious.  The flavor combinations are centuries old and need absolutely no improvement.  The Akdeniz Salatasi or Mediterranean Salad is a mix of red cabbage, green lettuce, green pepper, tomatoes, onion, and cucumber and feta cheese, served with dolma, pomegranate sauce, olive oil, lemon juice and sumak.  And the Kebab's are delicious!  What more ancient way to enjoy meat than skewered and grilled to perfection.   A wide variety of Kebab's are available, everything from lamb to shrimp and scallops and all served with warm pita bread.   Shishkebab will also entice your vegetarian friends with Falafel.    And yes, of course, there's belly dancing.   Shiskebab is a restaurant you will want to experience again and again.  

Shishkebab by Ana Sultana





The Little Story of the "DONER KEBAB" before being "GYRO" 

The most famous kebab in the world is the Döner kebab, witch literally means “rotating Kebab” in Turkish. Before taking its modern form, the ancestor of the Doner was the “Çag Kebabi” and it’s mentioned in the Ottoman travel books of the 18th century. It was  an horizontal stack of meat from the eastern province of Erzurum


The famous cook Iskender Efendi is considered as the inventor of the Döner Kebap. In his own family biography he wrote that he and his grandfather had the idea to roast the lamb vertically rather than horizontally because the dropping juice of the cooking marinate the whole stack of meat, giving it a better taste.


Shishkebab by Ana Sultana

The “Iskender Kebabi” took it’s name from the cook Iskender and it’s a kind of “Doner kebab” prepared from thinly cuts of grilled lamb, basted with hot tomato sauce over pieces of pita bread and generously slathered with melted sheep butter and yogurt.
The Sultan kebab is a long hand minced grilled lamb meat, juicy and spicy.
The Chicken-shish and Lamb-shish is a speaciality of our restaurant from the Turkish south coast. This are pounded boneless meat with tomatoes and garlic, marinated with black pepper, thyme and oil on wooden skewers. This dish is traditionally accompanied by rice and greens.
Our Signature dish will be The Testi-kebab is a speciality of Cappadocia. It is a combination of meat and vegetables cooked in their own juice inside a sealed clay pot.  When ready, breaking the clay pot is the only way to eat it.
The “koftes” are meatballs of lamb or beef or sometime both,  mixed with spices and onions. There is a wide variety of koftes such as the “Inegol kofte” (Mix of lamb and beef), the “Tekirdag kofte” (meat of cattle and lamb chops served with a red pepper sauce) and even cheese stuffed Koftes. (Peynirili kofte).

They are thousands of restaurants in this area, but despite their abundance, only a few are very good. Here is the one of that places wants to be approved.

Located close to the everwhere, this restaurant is a “Turkish Kitchen” (restaurant with an open grill). The main attraction of this kind of establishments is to eat around the big table. You may have to book before going there some busy days for large parties, because the ground sofas are always taken by the families with the kids. In this area you will no find other Good kebabs and simply this one is he best in all authentic restaurants. Start with ordering some cold starters (mezes), We suggest you try the “Sultan Kebab”, a Shepherd salad and the Tzaztiki. for the main course try a “Lamp Shish Kebab” or a “Chicken Shish Kebab “(skewered meat with spices and vegetables) ,and, of course, accompany your meal with some basic salad, pilaff and pita bread.